Monday, December 20, 2010

Monowalker Enables Long Distance Treks

With the holiday season just about on us, you may find that you still need to find a last minute gift for the adventurer on your list. Thankfully, the Monowalker is here to save the day.

Billed as "hikingtrailer" is designed for hikers, climbers, and photographers who need to shuttle gear around and may not want to carry a backpack. The single-wheeled cart connects up to your hips via a specially designed belt, and comes with two handles that keep things balanced and allow you to pull your load easily.

According to the product information page, the Monowalker was tested in the Alps, and none of the trails there were a problem for the trailer. When you get into steeper terrain, it quickly converts into a backpack and can be thrown on your shoulders to allow for easier scrambling and climbing. Allegedly it takes less than five minutes to set up, but can allow you to carry heavier loads over further distances with less effort.

This handy little gadget won't come cheap though. It is available for about USD $1000. If Santa is going to put one under your tree this holiday season, you had better have been good all year long.