Monday, January 24, 2011

BBC Discovers The Patagonia Expedition Race

It has been one of the top adventure races in the world over the past few years, but it has taken a bit longer for the mainstream press to catch on. The BBC has discovered the Patagonia Expedition Race, and has written a rather nice article about what it calls "

">the world's last 'wild race.'"

Scheduled to take place in Chile from February 8-16, the 2011 Patagonia Expedition Race is now just 13 days away. This year's event will be the ninth time that the race has been run, and for a change of venue, it will move the course further north this time out to have the teams compete across the Southern Continental Ice Field, which will present its own unique challenges and obstacles.

Of course, as usual, the racers will have to paddle, mountain bike, trek, and navigate their way through the beautiful and wild Patagonian backcountry, while also dealing with the notoriously unpredictable weather that is common there.

The BBC has a great video on the event, but unfortunately they won't let me embed it here. You'll just have to check it out by clicking here. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more coverage of the race once it gets underway in a couple of weeks. As usual, it looks like it will offer a wild and spectacular start to the international adventure racing season.