Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Circling The Globe In A Wheelchair

Looking for your daily dose of inspiration? Then look no further than this interview with Andy Campbell from the Adventure Journal. Campbell, who broke his back in a climbing accident eight years ago, has big plans for 2012, as he plans to circle the globe in his wheelchair, covering more than 30,000 miles in the process.

In the AJ interview, Andy says that he intends to travel from the U.K. to China via "arm-powered" transport, then skip across the Pacific to Alaska, and proceed south to Chile. He'll undertake this incredible journey in order to raise £1 million for the Chutkara Initiative, a new charity that is dedicated to funding outdoor gear and equipment for disabled people who want to continue leading healthy, active lives, despite their disability.

Andy goes on to discuss the gear he'll be taking on his expedition, including a specially designed off-road wheelchair that has been built to handle the rigors of the trail. He also shares insights into his training regimen, and some thoughts on the challenges that he'll face on his journey.

The plan is to launch the circumnavigation by wheelchair attempt in June of this year, when Campbell and his support crew well set out from London to take on the world. He estimates that it will take him roughly two years to complete his adventure, which will cross four continents and take on diverse natural environments ranging from deserts, to mountains, and much more.

Freedom from andy campbell on Vimeo.