Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gear Box: Tech4o Accelerator Pro Plus Watch

Every new year brings a host of new resolutions. For many, that includes getting into better shape and generally living a more healthier life. If you've made that one of your goals for 2012, then you're going to want to take a look at the new Accelerator Pro Plus watch from Tech4o, as it just might be the best training partner you've ever had.

As you would expect from any good training watch, the Accelerator Pro Plus offers countdown timers, a 50 lap chronograph, alarms, and more. It is waterproof down to 100 meters and it even tells time – in two timezones no less! But Tech4o managed to pack in some other great features that you don't find on a lot of other time pieces of this type, especially in this price range.

Using its built in accelerometer, the watch can accurately measure your pace and distance, which is fantastic for tracking performance over time. It also keeps track of total exercise and moving times, calories burned, personal best speeds and distances covered, and much more. And when paired with the included heart rate monitor, which fastens comfortably around your chest, it can measure your pulse throughout your workout and provides critical data regarding performance and recovery. The Accelerator Pro Plus even allows you to customize your personal profile to provide visual and audible alerts throughout your run, which can help you stay on pace and alert you when your heart rate moves into the red zone.

All of that data can be extremely helpful for runners looking to increase their speed and distances over time or simply increase their overall fitness. But the Accelerator Pro Plus as another trick up its sleeve in the form of PC-Link, which allows the watch and heart rate monitor to wirelessly upload the data to your computer. The PC-Link software, which is rather basic, yet still quite functional, stores your running logs and allows you to chart your progress over time. It also displays heart rate charts, tracking your minimum and maximum pulse and giving you an average heart rate for your individual runs. It is an excellent addition to the package, which can be a very useful tool for beginner and experienced runners alike. Sadly though, the software is only available for Windows PC's (Win 98/XP/ME/Vista/Win7), keeping Mac users from fully tapping the watch's abilities.

I was impressed with how easy this watch is to use. Similar time pieces can be a bit cryptic in their interfaces, but after just a couple of runs,  I found that I was using the Accelerator Pro without thinking twice. That's a major plus for runners who just want to hit the trail and not have to fiddle with their technology while focused on their run. I also found this watch very comfortable to wear, even when not working out. The face isn't overly large and it isn't heavy either. Considering I pretty much wear a watch of sometime at all times, I appreciate both of those features.

Now for the best part of all. Tech4o managed to bring this fully-functional training watch to the market at a price that is difficult to argue with. The MSRP on the Accelerator Pro Plus is just $129.99, including the heart rate monitor and wireless PC-Pod for connecting to your laptop. That's a great deal, and I've paid similar prices in the past for watches with the half the functionality.

If you're looking for a great new training tool, then look no further. The Accelerator Pro Plus will give you everything you need in one great, affordable package. Now's the perfect time to grab one as well and start using it to realize all those New Year's Resolutions you've made.