Monday, January 9, 2012

LIVESTRONG Celebrates 15th Anniversary

In October of 1996, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Shortly there after he would undergo treatment for the disease, and his subsequent recovery was nothing short of spectacular. The pro-cyclist who was all but unknown outside of his sport at the time, but he would go on to win seven consecutive Tour de France titles and become one of the most well known athletes on the planet.

In January of 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation was formed, with the hope of rallying people together against cancer. That foundation would evolve into what is now known as LIVESTRONG, an organization that has invested more than $275 million in cancer research and other intiaitives. That accounts for over 81% of every dollar that LIVESTRONG has raised, which is a remarkably high number for any charitable organization, and is a testament to how razor-focused Lance, and the rest of the team at LIVESTRONG, are on combatting the horrible disease.

Nearly everyone I know has been touched by cancer in their lives in some way or another, and through LIVESTRONG, we can all help find a cure. Not only can we continue to buy those ubiqutious yellow arm bands, which I'm seldom seen without, but Nike has an entire line of LIVESTRONG workout gear, whose proceeds go directly toward helping the cause. To checkout a sampling of that gear and to find 15 ways that you can LIVESTRONG, click here.

I personally own a number of LIVESTRONG articles of clothing and they are amongst my favorite t-shirts and running shorts. It doesn't hurt that I know that I'm helping to do good every time I buy one as well.

Congrats to Lance and the crew for an amazing first 15 years, and here's to many more to come.